Children, Technology & Mental Health

Jun 28, 2023
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The Intersection of Children, Technology, and Mental Health

In today's digital age, children are increasingly exposed to technology from a young age. With the widespread use of smartphones, tablets, and computers, the impact of technology on children's mental health has become a growing concern. At St Mark’s United Methodist Church, we recognize the importance of addressing this issue and supporting our community in finding a healthy balance.

The Effects of Technology on Children's Mental Health

Research suggests that excessive screen time and technology usage can have various negative effects on children's mental health. One of the main concerns is the potential impact on their social and emotional development. Spending too much time interacting with screens can limit face-to-face interactions and hinder the development of important social skills.

Furthermore, exposure to certain online content, such as cyberbullying or violent media, can contribute to increased anxiety, depression, and aggression in children. The fast-paced and constantly connected nature of technology can also lead to feelings of inadequacy, as children may compare themselves to unrealistic online standards.

Addressing the Challenges

At St Mark’s United Methodist Church, we believe in taking a proactive approach to addressing the challenges posed by technology on children's mental health. Through our various programs and initiatives, we aim to provide guidance, support, and resources to help children, parents, and caregivers navigate this complex issue.

1. Education and Awareness

We offer educational workshops and seminars to raise awareness about the impact of technology on children's mental health. These sessions provide valuable insights and practical strategies for maintaining a healthy balance between technology use and overall well-being.

2. Screen Time Guidelines

Our church community encourages the implementation of screen time guidelines for children, emphasizing the importance of creating tech-free zones and designated offline activities. By promoting alternative forms of entertainment and encouraging outdoor play, we strive to help children develop a well-rounded lifestyle.

3. Digital Well-being Support

We provide counseling services for children and families struggling with the effects of excessive technology use. Our dedicated professionals are trained to address issues related to internet addiction, cyberbullying, and online safety, offering a safe space for individuals to express their concerns and seek guidance.

4. Community Engagement

Through community events and support groups, we facilitate open discussions around the impact of technology on mental health. By fostering a sense of community connection, we aim to counteract the isolating effects of excessive screen time and encourage healthy peer interactions.

The Role of Faith in Nurturing Mental Health

As a church rooted in faith and beliefs, St Mark’s United Methodist Church acknowledges the role of spirituality in promoting positive mental health. Our programs and services integrate spiritual practices and values, offering support and guidance for individuals seeking solace and strength in their faith journey.

By fostering a sense of purpose, connection, and hope, we strive to promote resilience and well-being among children and their families. Through prayers, worship services, and pastoral care, we aim to provide a nurturing environment where individuals can find comfort, share their burdens, and seek guidance.

Join Us in Nurturing Healthy Habits

If you are concerned about the impact of technology on your child's mental health or are seeking support in finding a healthy balance, we invite you to join our community at St Mark’s United Methodist Church. Together, we can navigate this digital landscape and prioritize the well-being of our children.

  • Contact us to learn more about our programs and initiatives.
  • Attend our educational workshops and seminars for valuable insights and strategies.
  • Participate in our community events and support groups to connect with others facing similar challenges.
  • Explore the spiritual guidance and resources available through our church community.


In a world where technology is ever-present, it is essential to understand and address the impact it has on our children's mental health. At St Mark’s United Methodist Church, we are committed to equipping our community with the knowledge and resources they need to foster a healthy balance.

By promoting education, providing support, and integrating faith, we strive to empower children, parents, and caregivers in navigating the complexities of technology and its effects on mental well-being. Join us in this important journey and together, let's prioritize the mental health of our children in the digital age.