Como foi de Yeshua para Jesus - A Journey of Faith

Sep 21, 2023


Welcome to, your trusted source for comprehensive insights into the Catholic faith. In this article, we will explore the fascinating journey of how Yeshua became Jesus, examining the historical and spiritual significance behind this transformation.

Understanding Yeshua

Yeshua, a Hebrew name meaning "salvation" or "Yahweh saves," refers to the historical figure commonly known as Jesus Christ in Christianity. Yeshua was born in Bethlehem, Judea, around 6-4 BCE to Mary and Joseph. He grew up in Nazareth, a small town in Galilee.

The Role of Yeshua in Judaism

During his lifetime, Yeshua preached the teachings of Judaism, emphasizing love, compassion, and the Kingdom of God. He performed miracles, healed the sick, and gathered a group of disciples who became his closest followers.

The Crucifixion and Resurrection

Yeshua's life took an unexpected turn when he was crucified under the Roman Empire's rule. However, his crucifixion was followed by a miracle – the resurrection. Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead after three days, giving hope to humanity and affirming his divine nature.

The Shift to Jesus

The transition from Yeshua to Jesus can be traced back to the early followers of the faith. As the teachings of Yeshua spread beyond the Jewish community, his name began to undergo linguistic changes to better suit different cultures and languages.

Translating Yeshua to Jesus

The name Jesus comes from the Latin transliteration of the Greek name "Iesous." This Greek name was a transliteration of the Aramaic name "Yeshua" or "Yeshu," which was the common form used in Yeshua's time. Through translations and cultural adaptations, Yeshua's name eventually became Jesus in English and various other languages.

The Significance of the Name Change

The transition from Yeshua to Jesus represented the global reach of Christianity and how it transcended cultural and linguistic boundaries. Despite the name change, the teachings and core message of Yeshua remained intact.


In conclusion, the journey from Yeshua to Jesus symbolizes the transformation of a historical figure into a universal representation of divinity. As believers, we honor and recognize Yeshua's teachings while embracing the name Jesus, which has become familiar across languages and cultures worldwide.


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como foi de yeshua para jesus
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