Kids Zone

Jun 16, 2021

Engaging Kids in Faith at St Mark’s United Methodist Church

At St Mark’s United Methodist Church, our commitment to nurturing young minds and spirits led us to establish Kids Zone, a vibrant and engaging ministry catering specifically to the spiritual growth and development of children.

Fostering a Strong Foundation in Faith

We believe that children are an integral part of our congregation and that their spiritual journey deserves special attention. Our dedicated team of volunteers and leaders strive to create a loving and nurturing environment where children can explore their faith, ask questions, and build a strong foundation in their relationship with God.

Exciting and Interactive Activities

At Kids Zone, we offer a wide range of exciting and interactive activities aimed at helping children connect with their faith in meaningful ways. From Sunday School classes to Bible study groups, worship services designed for children, and fun-filled events throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to engage with their spirituality.

Sunday School Classes

Our Sunday School classes provide children with a structured learning environment where they can dive into age-appropriate Bible lessons. Led by experienced teachers, our classes incorporate storytelling, arts and crafts, music, and games to make learning about God's love both educational and enjoyable.

Bible Study Groups

For children seeking a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, our Bible study groups offer the perfect platform. Here, kids can engage in thoughtful discussions, explore the teachings of Jesus, and discover how faith can influence their lives at a young age.

Children-Focused Worship Services

Our children-focused worship services are designed to capture the imagination and attention of young hearts. Through lively songs, interactive prayers, and relevant messages, kids learn about God's grace and love in a way that resonates with them.

Special Events and Programs

Throughout the year, Kids Zone hosts a variety of special events and programs to keep children engaged and excited about their faith. From Vacation Bible School to community service projects, themed parties, and seasonal celebrations, we create memorable experiences that promote both spiritual growth and a sense of community.

Proactive Safety Measures

At St Mark’s United Methodist Church, the safety and well-being of our children are of utmost importance. We have implemented proactive safety measures, including background checks for all volunteers, secure check-in systems, and trained staff to ensure a secure environment where parents can feel confident entrusting their children.

Join Us in Nurturing Faith

We invite you and your child to join us at Kids Zone, where faith is nurtured, friendships are formed, and spirits are lifted. No matter where your child is on their spiritual journey, we are committed to supporting their growth and providing a loving community that embraces each child as a unique and beloved child of God.

Contact St Mark’s United Methodist Church today for more information on Kids Zone and how your child can become an active part of this transformative ministry.

Stephanie Cangro
Great initiative! 👍 It's important to engage children in faith early on.
Oct 6, 2023